Whooping Cough Day 8 November 2023 – Stay Up-To-Date. Vaccinate!

Megan Reilly

With the theme “Stay Up to Date. Vaccinate!”, Immunisation Foundation of Australia (IFA) announced the creation of Australia’s inaugural Whooping Cough Day on November 8. The day highlights the ongoing threat posed by whooping cough (pertussis) and encourages Australians of all ages to remain up to date with booster vaccination.

The campaign reminds people to check their whooping cough immunisation status, provides practical information about boosters and how to access them, and emphasises the importance of adult, pregnancy, and childhood protection.

Campaign key points

  • Adults require booster vaccines at least every 10 years to stay up to date with whooping cough protection.
  • More than 80 per cent of Australian adults cannot recall ever receiving a whooping cough booster.
  • More than half of all cases of whooping cough occur in adults.
  • Some people – including those with asthma – are at increased risk of severe illness and being hospitalised with the so-called ‘100-day cough’.
  • Whooping cough is not only dangerous, but also highly contagious. An infected person may unwittingly spread whooping cough to up to 17 unvaccinated people.

To get involved, visit the Immunisation Foundation of Australia website. Support Whooping Cough Day by sharing the campaign toolkit which includes a poster/flyer, educational print out, animated campaign video and social media tiles with key facts.