Virus WAtch Week Ending 22 June 2014

Megan Reilly

Virus WAtch Week Ending 22 June 2014

Influenza and Influenza-like Illnesses (ILI)

Non-influenza respiratory virus activity continues to increase; there are early indications of an increase in influenza activity.

  •  ILI presentations to sentinel general practitioners (GPs) and emergency departments (EDs) increased, but influenza notifications and hospitalisations remain low.
  • The majority of influenza viruses subtyped in the past week were influenza A/H1N1, but influenza B and influenza A/H3 are also circulating.
  • Detections of non-influenza respiratory viruses increased this week, and respiratory syncytial virus activity remains high.


  • Gastroenteritis presentations to sentinel EDs are within expected levels; presentations to sentinel GPs increased this week.

Varicella and Viral Rashes

  • Shingles presentations to sentinel GPs and EDs are above expected levels; chickenpox presentations remain low.
  • Six cases of measles have been confirmed in the past week: 5 unvaccinated children from one family with an unidentified local source, and one case in an unvaccinated young adult who was infected in Singapore. No cases of rubella or mumps were notified this week.

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