Virus WAtch Week Ending 18 May 2014

Megan Reilly

Influenza and Influenza-like Illnesses (ILI)

Summary: Influenza activity remains low.

  • ILI presentations to sentinel general practitioners (GPs) and emergency departments (EDs) remain low; the number of persons hospitalised with influenza also remains low.
  • There was a small increase in the number of influenza cases notified to the Department of Health.
  • Influenza virus detections remain low, with influenza A/H1N1, influenza A/H3N2 and influenza B co-circulating.
  • Overall detections of non-influenza respiratory virus detections remained stable this week, with RSV and rhinovirus the most active.


Gastroenteritis presentations to sentinel GPs and EDs are around expected levels.

Varicella and Viral Rashes

Shingles and chickenpox presentations to sentinel GPs and EDs were near or below expected levels this week.

No cases of measles, rubella or mumps were confirmed this week.

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