Hepatitis A Linked to the Consumption of Nanna’s 1kg Frozen Mixed Berries

Megan Reilly

As of midday on Tuesday 17th of February nine (9) cases of Hepatitis A have been diagnosed in three states of Australia – Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. These nine (9) cases have been linked to the consumption of 1kg packets of Nanna’s Frozen Mixed Berries. This product has been recalled.

General practices are advised to be alert for patients who develop symptoms of Hepatitis A and to enquire as to any exposure to frozen berries of the implicated brands. Symptomatic patients should be investigated with Hepatitis A serology. Any confirmed case of Hepatitis A infection should be referred to your local public health unit for appropriate follow up and management of any contacts.

Patients who have consumed the implicated product and who are well should be advised to monitor for symptoms and to represent if they develop any symptoms of concern. Vaccination is not required for these individuals.

Anyone who thinks they may have consumed the berries should be vigilant with hand hygiene.

The incubation period of hepatitis A is 15 to 50 days, with a mean of about 28 days. HAV is excreted in faeces for up to two (2) weeks before the onset of illness and for at least one (1) week afterwards.

Department of Health information available at: www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/ohp-hep-A-frozen-berry.htm

Product recall details available at: Nanna’s Mixed Berries and Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries