Hand Hygiene Resources for the Dental/Oral Health Setting

Megan Reilly

Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA) has released its new resources for hand hygiene in the Dental/Oral Health setting. The new resources include:

Resources for Dental/Oral Health webpage – http://hha.org.au/home/resources-for-dental.aspx

5 Moments for Dental PowerPoint – http://hha.org.au/home/resources-for-dental/dental-education-and-promotion.aspx

Guidelines for submission of data – http://hha.org.au/home/resources-for-dental/guidelines-for-dental-facilities.aspx

HH Observation Coding Sheet – http://hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/Dental/Dental%20coding%20Classification%20Sheet_Sept2015.pdf

Future resources:

– Dental Online Learning Program (estimated early 2016)

– Other as identified and requested by dental facilities

Please note that the hand hygiene auditing resources have been developed to support facilities that elect to conduct hand hygiene audits in dental setting on the basis of their own risk assessment. They have not been developed to encourage nor mandate all dental facilities to participate in HHC auditing.