Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) Targets COVID-19 Vaccinations

Megan Reilly

The Department of Health and Aged Care recently published an Aged Care Alert advising that while COVID-19 and influenza cases are rising in residential aged care homes, vaccination rates are low, reminding aged care providers of their responsibility for making vaccines easily available to residents.

The Australian Government published the aged care residents’ COVID-19 vaccination rates, by aged care home on Monday 17 June. It is anticipated publication of the COVID-19 vaccination rates will help aged care residents, their families and carers, to understand the rates in their home and make informed decisions.

In addition, ACQSC has announced new measures for ensuring all residential aged care homes are meeting the standard for COVID-19 prevention and management. The Commission has warned that they will be targeting facilities with low vaccination rates through unannounced visits and written reminders.